Morgan Carroll’s Super PAC Hypocrisy

June 15, 2016

Carroll HMPEggs. Bacon. Hypocrisy. That’s what Morgan Carroll will be serving up at tomorrow’s breakfast briefing with House Majority PAC, Nancy Pelosi’s Super PAC that supports Democrat candidates. Carroll has long decried the influence of money in politics and supported overturning the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that in part allowed for the creation of Super PACs. But now, Carroll is not only relying on their ads this fall, but also fundraising for them.

Earlier this cycle, Carroll touted the endorsement of End Citizen’s United, a group that opposes Super PACs. Carroll even filled out their public questionnaire and endorsed virtually all facets of the group’s agenda. As the “featured guest” at a Super PAC event, will Carroll brief attendees on the evils of money in politics? Will Carroll call on House Majority PAC to keep their money out of her politics by cancelling their $1 million+ reservation in the Denver market for this fall? Otherwise, her presence at this event is a tacit endorsement of House Majority PAC and goes completely against her campaign rhetoric.

NRCC Comment: “It couldn’t be more hypocritical for Morgan Carroll to rail against money in politics and then fundraise for a Super PAC she hopes will help her campaign this fall. If Carroll is serious about campaign finance reform she should cancel her Super PAC event tomorrow and call on House Majority PAC to keep their money out of her race.” – NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter