Internal Memo: Morgan Carroll Backs Iran Deal

June 20, 2016

privateIn an internal memo obtained by the NRCC, Morgan Carroll says privately what she has been avoiding saying publicly for months: that she backs the president’s dangerous nuclear deal with Iran.

“The nuclear negotiations between the United States, their P5+1 negotiating partners, and the Iranians provided an opportunity to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapons capability through negotiations. While the agreement is not perfect, I applaud the Administration’s efforts to resolve this difficult issue diplomatically and remain hopeful that the accord achieves its goals.”

It’s no wonder Carroll wanted to hide her position from constituents. After strongly supporting closing GITMO even under the conditions that terrorist detainees could be relocated to Colorado, Carroll’s national security record is abysmal. Now she must also own the terrible deal that Secretary John Kerry admitted could fund terrorist organizations and paves the way for a nuclear Iran.

Click here for the full memo.

NRCC Comment: “It’s shameful that Morgan Carroll has been hiding her support of the president’s dangerous nuclear deal with Iran from 6th District voters for so long. Whether it is opening the door for GITMO terrorists to be transferred to Colorado or backing this deal that Secretary Kerry acknowledged could fund terrorist organizations, Carroll has shown she is willing to put her extreme ideology ahead of the safety of Colorado families.” – NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter