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VIDEO: Why won’t Zephyr Teachout take a position on anti-Israel BDS?
NRCC | June 23, 2016

At a recent NY-19 Democratic debate hosted by Time Warner Cable News, Zephyr Teachout awkwardly refused to take a position on the Cuomo Administration’s boycott of the anti-Israel BDS movement. Teachout conveniently answered by saying, “Umm, I’m running for Congress.  (And, umm, what difference does that make?)

This isn’t the first time Teachout has refused to stand up for Israel.  During her gubernatorial campaign against Andrew Cuomo, Teachout was roasted by The New York Post for refusing to take a stand on Israel defending itself against rocket attacks.  That time, Teachout conveniently answered, “My focus right now is on the issues directly within the governor’s power.

How convenient.

NRCC Comment: “It is shameful that Zephyr Teachout refuses to say whether she supports an effort to destroy the Israeli economy in the name of the Palestinians. Zephyr Teachout lacking the courage to take positions on issues important to Hudson Valley voters is proof she is nothing more than a calculating, self-serving politician.” –NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack


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