Whoops! Steve Santarsiero is currently in the wrong capital

July 13, 2016

Remember all of that talk about Steve Santarsiero deeply valuing the work he does in Harrisburg as a state legislator? Certainly he must be there right now for the final day of session, right?

Not so much. Santarsiero was spotted minutes ago walking past the front door of the NRCC in Washington, DC. That seems like a silly place to take a stroll considering he’s currently playing hooky from Harrisburg as the state legislature finishes up a budget on behalf of the 12.7 million people of the Keystone State.

But hey, at least he is staying hydrated. It’s a scorcher out there in DC today!

NRCC Comment: “Steve Santarsiero is currently in Washington campaigning for Congress when he should be in Harrisburg finishing up work on the state budget. Once again Steve Santarsiero is showing that he’s a do-nothing politician who is putting his congressional campaign ahead of his constituents.” –NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack