John Delaney job hunts in Philly

July 27, 2016

Looks like John Delaney is getting really tired of representing the hardworking people of Maryland’s 6th District.  Instead of staying in the district and focusing on his constituents, Delaney hightailed it to Philadelphia to find a new job.


The Baltimore Sun reports Delaney has spent his week in Philly wining and dining Democratic Party leaders and outside groups, hoping to gain their support for his likely run against Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. Delaney has been dreaming about the Governor’s mansion for a while now and who can blame him? It might be easier for him to run for state office than defend his terrible national security record in Congress.

John Delaney’s trip to Philly shows he’d rather be working a reception room for his next job than working for the people of Maryland’s 6th District.

“Instead of staying in the district and working for Marylanders, John Delaney chased his political ambitions all the way to Philadelphia to try gaining support for a run against Governor Larry Hogan. John Delaney should be ashamed that he’d rather work harder for his next job than for his own constituents.” – NRCC Spokesperson Camille Gallo