Delaney feigns support for Israel

August 1, 2016

Last night John Delaney fired up his twitter and made the laughable claim that he supports Israel. We all know actions speak louder than words (in this case, tweets) so let’s review how Delaney has shown his support for our ally:


  • Delaney voted for Obama’s dangerous Iran Deal.  Just a few short months after the deal was signed, Iran test-fired ballistic missiles that could reach Israel and even had the ominous warning “Israel should be wiped off the Earth” scrawled across them.



  • Delaney recently voted against imposing new sanctions on Iran. Shortly after this vote, the AP reported a secret document showing that under the deal, key restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program will be lifted in just over a decade.


If John Delaney really supports Israel, he sure has a funny way of showing it.

“John Delaney is your typical Washington, DC politician who says one thing and does another. If John Delaney really cares about keeping Israel safe, he wouldn’t have voted to make it easier for an anti-Israel country like Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon.” –NRCC Spokesperson Camille Gallo