NRCC TV Ad Highlighting Monica Vernon’s Shocking Record On Tax Hikes And Pay Raises

September 13, 2016

I hope you’re sitting down, because Monica Vernon’s record is shocking! Vernon has voted to raise property taxes and utility fees, while raising her salary four times.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is on the airwaves today with a new ad highlighting how Monica Vernon picked the pockets of Iowa families in order to line her own.

Click here to watch the ad.


NRCC Statement: “Monica Vernon is just another typical politician who is happy to hike taxes on hardworking Iowans while raising her own salary. Vernon’s shocking record of picking taxpayers’ pockets to line her own couldn’t be more out of touch with 1st District families.” – NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter


You might want to sit down for this…Because Monica Vernon’s record is shocking!

Iowans have been stunned to hear Vernon voted to increase property taxes and utility fees.

Bewildered, that she wanted to raise the gas tax.

And amazed that Vernon raised her own salary four times.

Monica Vernon picked our pockets to pad her own.

But we shouldn’t be…Surprised!

Because that’s Monica Vernon.

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