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Tom O’Halleran’s First TV Ad Is The Height Of Hypocrisy
NRCC | September 21, 2016

ohalleran-ad-1Tom O’Halleran’s first TV ad is the height of hypocrisy. O’Halleran highlights areas of his record as a state legislator that are deeply flawed and then cynically touts his “plan” to fix those same problems if he were elected again.

  • First, O’Halleran hypes his support for withholding lawmakers’ pay if they don’t pass a budget, but O’Halleran was an outspoken advocate of raising his own pay when he was in office. In fact, he whined about needing a pay raise just a month into his first term as a state Senator.
  • Next, O’Halleran talks about shunning special interests, even though his campaign is fueled by special interest cash. In fact, as of the last FEC report O’Halleran has taken nearly $200,000 from special interests.
  • Finally, O’Halleran talks about reducing travel perks, even though he received more than $100,000 from taxpayers for his travel as a state legislator.

If O’Halleran has already been part of the problem on these issues, how can he suddenly be part of the solution?

NRCC Comment: “Tom O’Halleran’s ad is the height of hypocrisy, touting a cynical reform plan to distract from his very own abysmal record on those same issues. If O’Halleran has long been part of the problem, how can he suddenly be part of the solution?” – NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter

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