LuAnn Bennett really needs to read this book

September 29, 2016

lying-luannLuAnn Bennett really needs a copy of How to Stop Lying: The Ultimate Cure Guide for Pathological Liars and Compulsive Liars. She insists she didn’t commit tax fraud by always paying Virginia taxes because instead of staying at the Ritz-Carlton penthouse she bought less than a mile from where she works, she was commuting daily to/from rural Virginia.

After purchasing her penthouse, Bennett updated her Facebook page to say she moved to DC. That contradicts what Bennett told The Washington Post on Saturday, when she said she only stayed at the condo “a night or two.”

Bennett says she passed the time on her 110 mile daily commute in DC rush hour traffic by listening to books on tape. Maybe she can pick up the audio version of this book for her (non-existent) commute — it’s available online for $3.95.

NRCC Comment: “If LuAnn Bennett only stayed at her $1.35 million DC Ritz-Carlton condo twice, then why did she change her Facebook page to say she moved to Washington, DC? LuAnn Bennett has been lying about her residency since she first announced her candidacy for Virginia’s 10th District nearly 9 months ago, and it now serves as one of the many reasons why she will lose to Barbara Comstock in November.” –NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack