New NRCC TV Ad Highlights Monica Vernon’s Dangerous Support Of The Iran Deal

October 11, 2016

Monica Vernon supports a dangerous deal that gives Iran the ability to produce a nuclear weapon and releases billions they could use to fund terrorism. The National Republican Congressional Committee is on the airwaves today with a new ad highlighting how Monica Vernon’s reckless support for the Iran nuclear deal makes her too weak and too dangerous for Iowa.

Click here to watch the ad.

NRCC Statement: “It’s shocking that Monica Vernon would stand by the reckless nuclear deal with Iran even after the Obama Administration admitted the billions released could fund terrorism. Vernon is clearly too weak and too dangerous to protect Iowa families.” – NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter


ANNCR: Iran.

 They kill our troops. Sponsor terrorism. And Chant Death To America.

 Yet, Monica Vernon supports the dangerous nuclear deal with Iran.

 A deal that gives Iran access to billions.

 Money Iran could use to fund terrorism

 What’s worse? The deal Monica Vernon supports gives Iran the ability to produce a nuclear weapon.

 Billions for terrorism? A nuclear Iran?

 Monica Vernon. Too Weak. Too Dangerous. Too Risky.

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