NRCC Urges Tom Suozzi To Support Nancy Pelosi For Minority Leader

November 29, 2016

hire-pelosiWith Nancy Pelosi facing a leadership challenge after House Democrats’ 2016 election night shellacking, the NRCC is urging Taxin’ Tom Suozzi to support Pelosi in tomorrow’s House Minority Leader race. Earlier this month, the NRCC formally endorsed Pelosi, citing the tremendous gains the House Republican Conference has seen during her tenure.

Pelosi  has presided over colossal losses for House Democrats. From losing a whopping 63 seats in 2010 to House Republicans’ impressive 241 seat majority heading into 2017, Pelosi’s reelection is a top priority for the NRCC.

NRCC Comment: “The NRCC strongly encourages Tom Suozzi to support Nancy Pelosi in tomorrow’s Democratic leadership elections. Nancy Pelosi has been a strong NRCC ally in ensuring the House of Representatives remains safely in Republican control, and that is why we enthusiastically encourage Tom Suozzi to support Nancy Pelosi’s failed leadership” – NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack

Note: the NRCC today resurrected the famous “Fire Pelosi” banner from 2010 and updated it to reflect the Committee’s new position: “Hire Pelosi.” The banner is hanging outside the NRCC in Washington, DC during the lead-up to Democratic leadership elections.