Will Rick Nolan vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker?

January 3, 2017

Rick Nolan has a decision to make later today when the House votes to determine the Speaker of the House for the 115th Congress. And while Democrats are safely in the minority after their election night “shellacking,” they will still cast a vote nonetheless.

Will Nolan fall in line with House Democrats by voting for Nancy Pelosi, who has pushed her party further and further into the political wilderness with her extreme policies? Or will he stand up to his party’s failed leadership that champions a tax-and-spend agenda that destroys good-paying jobs?Ricky Nolan

We’ll find out soon!

NRCC Comment: “Minnesota families can’t afford the failed tax-and-spend agenda of Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats. If Rick Nolan votes for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, it will immediately become clear that Nolan can’t be trusted to stand up for the people of Minnesota 8th District.” –NRCC Spokesperson Camille Gallo