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So about House Dems challenging election results…
NRCC | January 6, 2017

According to POLITICO, a band of House Democrats plan to challenge Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory. Not sure about you, but I’m old enough to remember when it was House Democrats criticizing the House GOP over this stuff.

From DCCC’s website*:


So we’ll just go ahead and volley this back over with a few edits:

“The question for Speaker Paul Ryan Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Republicans Democrats tonight today is whether they think their standardbearer Donald Trump they should uphold a fundamental tenet of our democracy and honor the results of this election. Donald Trump’s claim that he will ‘keep us in suspense’ about whether he will House Democrats’ refusal to respect voters’ decision on November 8th is as reckless as it is ridiculous, and Ryan Pelosi needs to answer for the fact that Democrats in her Conference his nominee is are actively undermining our great nation and our precious democracy,” said Christie Stephenson Chris Pack of the DCCC NRCC.

*View the Internet Archive link HERE.

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