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DCCC’s Polling Failures
Jesse Hunt | February 10, 2017

The DCCC polling shop had already lowered the bar after their failures in 2014, but underperforming comes so naturally they managed to take it down a notch in 2016.

Greatest 2016 Polling Failures

Race DCCC Poll Final Result
MN-03 Paulsen 38% – Bonoff 40% Paulsen 57% – Bonoff 43%
IA-03 Young 49% – Mowrer 46% Young  53.5% – Mowrer 40%
IN-09 Hollingsworth 44% – Yoder 42% Hollingsworth 54%  – Yoder 40.5%
NY-19 Faso 42% – Teachout 47% Faso 55% – Teachout 45%


The DCCC—having learned nothing from last cycle—is apparently still searching for ways to fix their polling woes with little success judging by their recent comments.

Via Politico:

“As part of the polling reboot, we’ve asked pollsters to share with us what they got wrong, what they got right, where their polling was off, where their polling was on,” Lujan said. “And then ask themselves where their polling was wrong, did they make the wrong assumptions or was their data just bad? Part of that analysis is going to result in us having a conversation where we want to make it loud and clear that unreliable pollsters will not be invited back to the DCCC.”

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