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“Cocktails with Charlie”
Madison Anderson | February 15, 2017

Just wanted to make sure you saw that the NRCC sent Charlie Crist a gift basket this morning complete with vodka, OJ, and a stopwatch.



The big-hearted folks at the National Republican Congressional Committee today delivered a gift box to U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist, D-St. Petersburg. It included a bottle of Finlandia vodka – a reference to Politico report that he was spotted drinking Finlandia and OJ on an afternoon flight to Washington earlier this month – and a stop watch – since he missed one of his first votes this year because he mistimed his walk to the House floor.

Wrote the NRCC:

“We’ve heard you have more of an affinity for Finlandia vodka & orange juice than you do for the needs of your constituents.

 But it’s OK — correctly timing your walk to the House floor can be mentally exhausting, so we can understand what drives you to day-drink.

 Included are a few items that may make your last term in Congress a little more bearable.


It’s a light-hearted attack by the the NRCC (which did little to nothing to help David Jolly’s campaign against Crist last year), but Crist allies best hope he does not become better known for guzzling booze than those Red Bulls for which he is best known.

Crist’s office responded cheerfully, sending out a photo of positive press clips apparently tacked to the gift box: “Team Crist appreciates the poster board material. And there’s nothing better than fresh Florida OJ. Cheers!”

The liquor-themed attack on Florida’s former Republican governor is not entirely new. In late September, the Pinellas Republican party sent out photos of what it said David Jolly were doing on the same Thursday morning before 10 a.m. It showed Jolly waving campaign signs in a largely black neighborhood and Crist, in flip flops and cargo shorts, buying liquor and/or wine at the ABC liquor store.

In any case, the NRCC’s gift turns out to be well-timed. Today from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Crist is holding a fundraising reception at the Capital Grille on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.

“Cocktails with Charlie,” says the invite.

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