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NRCC Announces Creation Of Data Department
NRCC | March 1, 2017

The National Republican Congressional Committee today announced the creation of a data department focused on understanding and targeting the 2018 electorate. The newly formed department will spearhead the entire NRCC’s analytics operation.

Leading the new department will be Kelsey Patten. Most recently, Patten served as the Data and Analytics Director for Senator Kelly Ayotte’s 2016 campaign. She is the first woman to lead a data department at a Republican party committee.

Jeff McGowan will work closely with Patten and consult the Data Department as Senior Advisor.

“Kelsey is immensely talented and we are fortunate to have her leading our data team for the 2018 cycle,” said NRCC Executive Director John Rogers. “In 2013 we created a Strategy Department to focus on data, polling, and analytics. I am proud to see that evolve into this new Data Department and am excited about the new things we will do with data. I am confident the department, led by Kelsey, will bolster an already impressive organization committed to maintaining a Republican majority in the House.”

“The department will provide innovative resources and a clear understanding of the electorate to our candidates and campaigns,” said Patten. “This will allow them to make strong data driven decisions about voter targeting and the allocation of resources.”

“Data and analytics is not merely a luxury for congressional races, but a necessity. We have done amazing work at the Committee for the last few cycles and I’m proud to be a part of this innovative endeavor.” said Jeff McGowan, NRCC Data Department Senior Advisor. “Kelsey will continue to ensure candidates and campaigns have the cutting-edge tools necessary to win.”

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