Show me the money!

March 14, 2017

Doug Applegate’s battle with the Federal Election Commission over the disappearance of $400,000 from his campaign account continues.

Today, the San Diego Union-Tribune writes: “Federal election officials have formally requested information about a nearly $400,000 drop in cash on hand reported by the campaign for Doug Applegate”

Also: “The Federal Election Commission’s request, made in a letter dated March 9, is its seventh inquiry into inconsistencies and other issues in the campaign’s financial reporting for the 2016 calendar year, records show.”

Finally, “[Applegate Campaign Manager Robert] Dempsey declined Monday to comment on the reason for the inconsistency in cash on hand…”

It’s laughable the campaign is trying to spin this as ‘just a simple bookkeeping error.’ Even if that were true, Doug’s cronies sure are taking a long time to figure out how to cover it up amend the reports…