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Charade for cash
Jack Pandol | March 20, 2017

In case you missed it, Mike Levin, corporate lobbyist and Democrat candidate in California’s 49th District, crashed Congressman Darrell Issa’s official town hall event and attempted to turn it into his own campaign speech.

Now, Levin is using the embarrassing (for Levin) video to raise money for his underdog Democratic primary campaign against the activist base’s favorite, trial attorney Doug Applegate.

Applegate has already taken Levin to the woodshed, calling him an “establishment corporate Democrat” and highlighting the divide that will characterize the Democratic primary in 2018.

The point is, Levin apparently has no shame. That means he doesn’t realize interrupting a public town hall meeting to bloviate, stopping a Congressman from engaging with his constituents, isn’t considered good politics – it’s just pointless grandstanding.

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