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Democrats Are Grumbling About Party’s Spending Choices In GA-06
Jesse Hunt | April 19, 2017

After Democrats unsuccessfully poured over $8 million into Jon Ossoff’s campaign to reach 50% of the vote in GA-06, their base is starting to question if the campaign’s funds were well spent.

Operatives argue Ossoff’s substantial budget, mostly comprised of out-of-state and celebrity donations, was wasted on television ads rather than building-up the defeated party.

Is this a flashback to 2016? No, but Democrats are still disappointed and looking for someone to blame.

Via Washington Free Beacon:

Democratic operatives are upset with the way Jon Ossoff spent his campaign war chest in the lead-up to the special election in Georgia’s sixth congressional district, according to an MSNBC report.

MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt told the “Morning Joe” panel that Democrats resented Ossoff’s decision to spend more than $8 million on television advertisements rather than party building on Wednesday.

“Ossoff spent over $8 million on one House seat, almost all on broadcast television. A lot of people think that’s kind of an outdated way to win a race like this and that that’s money that could have been very well invested in party building,” Hunt said. “I was getting kind of snarky notes behind the scenes from Democratic operatives all night last night.”

“TV ads, I’m sorry, that is so 1996. If you spend $8 million on TV ads, with all due respect to our network, that’s just a stupid way to spend money,” co-host Joe Scarborough responded to the report.

Ossoff was unable to cross the 50 percent threshold in Tuesday’s special election to win the race outright. He will face Republican Karen Handel in a runoff in June. The race is to replace former congressman Tom Price, who resigned when he became secretary of health and human services.

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