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1338 Days
Jack Pandol | April 20, 2017

1338 days: that’s the amount of time it took Kyrsten Sinema to apologize for taking money from a child sex trafficking scheme recently exposed in the Arizona Republic.

Sinema first accepted money from Backpage CEO Michael Lacey on August 20, 2013. She continued to accept tens of thousands in tainted money from Backpage executives and their families over the course of the next 3 and a half years. But finally, in a story published last night, Sinema admitted she screwed up after an intense public backlash.

Cindy McCain, an outspoken critic of Backpage.com and its child sex trafficking scheme, was repulsed by Sinema: “I am stunned that Congresswoman Sinema would take their money. She should have known better, but she still took it. And then she thinks she can just say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, let me give it away,’ that it’s somehow less tainted if she gives it to someone else.”

Kyrsten Sinema is a cold, calculating politician who thought she could pull a fast one on Arizona voters by accepting money from a child sex trafficking scheme. Sinema isn’t sorry – she’s just sorry she got caught.

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