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5 Takeaways From GA-06 Special Election
Jesse Hunt | April 20, 2017

Ossoff failed to meet his own expectations.

Jon Ossoff repeatedly stated his goal was to win outright with 50% of the vote on Tuesday. By coming up short of this goal, Ossoff’s campaign failed based on his own measurement standards.

Republicans recognize both strengths and weaknesses.  

The Republican party does not deny that the race for GA-06 has been hard fought. Just like Kansas, Republicans recognized the competitiveness and became actively engaged in the race. This responsive and decisive action led to Republican victories in both states.

Democrats don’t know how to win.  

Democrats already poured over $8 million into Ossoff’s failed campaign. Instead of capitalizing on an energized base, they continue to re-use the same strategies that have failed time and time again. Even the Democratic base is reportedly agitated over their party’s continued use of failed tactics.

The race for GA-06 is not over.

Republicans are already looking ahead to the runoff on June 20th and are prepared to keep Georgia’s 6th Congressional District red. The NRCC recently released a new web video highlighting a few of the biggest concerns surrounding Ossoff’s campaign.  We are not going to take a break in the fight for this seat.

Republicans in Georgia are united.

Directly following the announcement of Karen Handel’s nomination as the Republican candidate, many of her former Republican opponents declared their united support her candidacy. Now Republicans will coalesce around Karen Handel and pull out a Republican victory once again on June 20th.

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