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At it again
Jack Pandol | April 20, 2017

Rob Quist is trying to mislead Montanans… again.

First he got caught not paying taxes for nearly a decade and lying about being too sick to work those years. That’s ironic for a guy who supports a government-run healthcare plan that would raise taxes on Montana families by $15.3 trillion.

Now, he’s trying to make Montanans believe he’s not hostile to their gun rights in a slick new television advertisement where he shoots a television.

That’s nice, but Rob can’t escape his own words. Rob supports a national gun registry, saying earlier this year: “You register your car to drive, why not register guns?”

“Rob Quist is trying to mislead Montanans about who he really is: a Nancy Pelosi clone in a cowboy hat. Rob Quist and Nancy Pelosi want to give our gun rights away to government bureaucrats, but Greg Gianforte is on Montana gun owners’ side.” -NRCC Spokesman Jack Pandol

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