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Omaha’s dynamic duo
Jack Pandol | April 21, 2017

Former Rep. Brad Ashford and his wife, liberal attorney Ann Ferlic Ashford, seem to have a pretty high opinion of themselves. Both have expressed their desire to run for Congress, though not against each other. So, as attorneys and ex-politicians do, they are currently engaging in their deliberative process to see who will run in 2018.

In lengthy interviews with Washington newspaper The Hill, both Ashfords opine about their chances, weighing each option and counter-option. One thing they fail to do? Articulate a coherent reason why they’re dead-set on running against veteran Don Bacon.

If the Ashfords want to talk Bacon to death, they can sure try. But is anyone really listening? One thing’s for sure – while the Ashfords continue flapping their gums, Don Bacon is getting to work on behalf of Nebraskans.

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