“Democrats, Kyrsten Sinema should be ashamed of accepting Backpage donations”

April 24, 2017

Kyrsten Sinema continues to face intense backlash at home for accepting tens of thousands of dollars from an alleged child sex trafficking scheme.

From KTAR News contributor and Arizona mom Susan Sharer: “This past week, the Republican Party succeeded in drawing attention to an under-reported story regarding the appalling lack or morals that the Arizona Democratic Party has displayed with its acceptance of donations from the troubled owners of Backpage.com.”

“Days after student journalists reported the findings of Sinema’s acceptance of these dirty donations, she seemed to have had a sudden bout of [conscience] — or more likely a good old-fashioned panic attack — as she realized the secret was out and her public image was at stake.”

“I believe there are a lot of people who know dirty money has no place in politics whether it gets donated under pressure or not. The fact it was taken in the first place stands and we should not forget it regardless of where it is being spent now. Dirty money is dirty politics. Shame on Sinema and the Democrats, the self-proclaimed champions of women and children.”