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keeping it in the family
Chris Martin | May 11, 2017

Bad news out of the Big Apple: Joseph Crowley is using his campaign bank account as a family slush fund.

The New York Post reveals that the House Democratic Caucus Chairman has been renting a property owned by his lobbyist brother – and located outside his district – with campaign dollars.

The campaign office in Elmhurst is about 10 blocks outside Crowley’s congressional district.

But as party boss, he already has space at Queens Democratic headquarters in Forest Hills three miles from the Elmhurst office.

“It’s not physically in his district — that would be a key point,” said Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center. “What he uses it for — it’s as old as politics — it’s called a slush fund. And what do you know? It goes to a family-connected entity.”

Crowley responded to the story as you would expect a politician caught in a scandal would… By hiding behind a lawyer.

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