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NRCC Releases Two MT-AL TV Ads On Rob Quist’s Track Record of Fraud and Deceit
Jesse Hunt | May 18, 2017

The National Republican Congressional Committee released two MT-AL television ads titled “Bond” and “Share” which target liberal Montana candidate Rob Quist for his track record of fraud and deceit. The ads highlight Quist’s extreme liberal agenda that will increase debt and raise taxes for Montanans.

“Rob Quist’s trail of fraud and deceit has hard-working Montanans disgusted and ready to fight back,” said NRCC Communications Director Matt Gorman.

“Between Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats, Washington is already full of reckless spenders. Montanans want a leader who can solve their problems. Not someone like Quist, who thinks he can lie to their faces and get away with it.”


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