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Quist ducks reporters & Jon lies his Ossoff
NRCC | May 19, 2017

Democratic congressional candidates in MT-AL and GA-06 each had a week they’d rather forget. 

MONTANA: Rob Quist was dogged all week by previously told lies and canceled interviews. 

1)  A Report Exposed Quist’s Fabricated Account Of A “Surgery Gone Wrong” That He’s Used To Explain His Litany Of Tax Liens.

2) Quist Abruptly Canceled An Interview With The Billings Gazette Once He Learned His Prior Drug Use Would Be A Topic Of Discussion. 

Quist campaign spokeswoman Tina Olechowski canceled the interview after she learned it would include questions about his marijuana platform and other health issues highlighted in the post about the court records. She insisted the reasons for the cancellation be off the record.

3) A Day Later, Quist Hung Up Midway Through An Interview, Forcing His Spokeswoman To Use The Old Bad Service Excuse. 

On Thursday, a reporter had asked the Creston musician, “Have you ever been cited for marijuana use?” “No,” Quist said. The call abruptly ended.

A text message to the campaign staffer traveling with Quist was not immediately returned. In an email an hour later, a different campaign staffer, spokeswoman Tina Olechowski, said it was a misunderstanding. 

“Sorry for the bad connection. I just talked to Rob and he said he thought you were asking whether he was recently cited and the answer is no,” she wrote. 

4) The Missoulian Discovered Multiple Quist-Owned Apartments That Haven’t Been Properly Registered In The State – Potentially Allowing The Quists To Avoid Paying Taxes On The Income.

GEORGIA: Jon Ossoff was taken to task over false claims he and his allies have made regarding Karen Handel.  

PolitiFact: In Georgia, Dem Attack On GOP’s Handel Falls Wide Of The Mark


Atlanta-Journal Constitution: Opinion: Ossoff’s False Attack On Handel And Women’s Health

These facts are not in dispute, yet Jon Ossoff is the latest leftist to ignore the truth here. That’s only surprising if you believe him when he shows up on your TV claiming to be something else.

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