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Rob Quist’s worst week in politics
Jack Pandol | May 19, 2017

Rob Quist may be up for the worst week in politics award… again. Here’s why:

Tuesday: A report exposed Quist’s fabricated account of a “surgery gone wrong” he’s made the centerpiece of his campaign.

Wednesday & Thursday: Quist abruptly canceled two separate interviews (first, second) with Montana newspapers about his prior drug use – even forcing his spokeswoman to blame bad cell service after he hung up on a reporter for asking a question he didn’t like.

Thursday: A Montana newspaper uncovered Quist-owned apartments that have not been properly registered with the state of Montana, raising the likelihood the Quists have avoided paying taxes on this income. The paper learned of the property after a tenant went public when the Quists bounced a check for her security deposit.

Friday: A new report finds during the same year Rob Quist owed thousands of dollars in back taxes, he was being paid taxpayer money by the state of Montana to perform.

With less than one week left in this campaign, Quist’s hypocrisy and lies are derailing his campaign. What’s that they say about closing strong?

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