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Ashford leans in
NRCC | June 19, 2017

Career politician Brad Ashford has decided: his wife (who is arguably more qualified to serve in Congress than he is) will sit this one out, while he gets to make a third congressional run in a desperate attempt to return to the limelight.

But Brad’s already receiving blowback for the haphazard way he handled the very public deliberations with his wife about running for Congress. The Wall Street Journal reported: “He also got pushback from people saying it would be sexist if he ran instead of his wife.” Consultants in Nebraksa have called the couple “wishy-washy.” We’re guessing this isn’t the congressional launch he was hoping for?

Brad enters the primary to face Kara Eastman, a progressive who will undoubtedly make women’s issues central to her primary effort against Ashford.

“Now that Brad Ashford has sidelined his wife for another desperate attempt to return to the spotlight, one question remains: what does Brad have to offer other than a failed congressional record and enthusiastic support for Nancy Pelosi which Nebraskans rejected last year at the ballot box?” -NRCC Spokesman Jack Pandol

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