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“we don’t have a strategy”
Chris Martin | June 19, 2017

Andy Kim made his bid for New Jersey’s 3rd official today – and the time he spent working for President Obama seems to be the centerpiece of his campaign. Bold move on his part…

Here’s a quick recap of what happened during the years Kim was ‘directing strategy’ in Iraq:

2013: Fallujah and parts of Ramadi fall. ISIS continues taking over large swaths of the country.

2014: American journalist James Foley is beheaded. Mosul falls. President Obama announces America has no strategy to stop ISIS and calls them the “JV team.”

2015: ISIS seizes Palmyra and gains full control of Ramadi.

Under Andy Kim’s watch, the United States failed to grasp the threat ISIS presented to the world and failed to formulate a strategy to stop them.

If that’s what Kim considers a record of success, what does failure even look like?

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