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Montana Dems aren’t buying it
NRCC | June 20, 2017

As the special election for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District takes place, I wanted to highlight an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times written by disaffected Montana Democrat Rick Bass titled: “Even with a win in Georgia Tuesday, Democrats Lose.

In other words, national Democrats barely showed up for this race. They weren’t savvy enough, or they just didn’t care enough, to recognize that even a few hundred thousand dollars more, combined with despair over Trump and the rarity of a special election, might have switched this heartland prairie seat from red to blue…

Hindsight’s 20-20, but early on especially, national Republicans in Montana supported Gianforte far beyond what the Democrats did for Quist…

The time, then, is now. Was now. Yet the national resources flowed to Georgia, not Montana. They flowed to the old model of urban Democrat rather than the struggling middle-lander, the rural guy who can speak the language of Trump voters.

Democratic brothers and sisters: If you win in Georgia — taking just one slender House seat, instead of the two you might have had — remember Montana’s sacrifice.

Democrats are all-in on the Georgia race at the expense of contesting other winnable seats. But their base clearly isn’t buying their post-loss talking points about moral victories.

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