Memo: GA-06 Special Election Results

June 21, 2017

To: Interested Parties

From: Matt Gorman, NRCC Communications Director

RE: GA-06 Special Election Results



House Democrats have done it again.

After promising a revamped strategy that would deliver them a majority, House Democrats are no closer to that goal today than they were at the beginning of the new year.

Don’t fall for the spin. They marshalled their resources and went all-in Georgia…

…and they failed. Miserably.

They went 0-5 in specials elections – failing to win in KS-04, MT-AL, SC-05, and twice in GA-06.

Moral victories won’t get Nancy Pelosi any closer to the gavel.



Jon Ossoff had every single advantage…and still came up short.

Early in the primary process, Democrats launched a massive effort on Jon Ossoff’s behalf – back when he wanted to “Make Trump Furious.” National progressive outlets immediately rallied around him and helped him raise nearly $25 million with only 2.5% – 3.5% of those donations coming from inside Georgia. The DCCC touted their decision to send 9 staffers to the district in early March and orchestrated fundraisers for Ossoff with Pelosi and other national Democrats.

All while 11 Republican candidates battled it out in a brutal primary which Karen Handel eventually won decisively.

Ossoff had infinite money, liberal activist energy, and the backing of Nancy Pelosi and national Democrats, yet completely whiffed.

The 2018 House landscape simply won’t allow for any one race to generate the kind of attention GA-06 did – and with that, a candidate will be hard-pressed to replicate the inherent advantages Ossoff had.



Throughout the campaign, the NRCC acted aggressively and made smart, targeted investments that helped make a difference.

The committee, with the help of Speaker Ryan and House Leadership, has shattered fundraising records during the first five months of the year.

Our ability to raise money has allowed us to boost Republican turnout and ultimately do what our counterparts in the Democratic Party have failed to do…win races.

In a Georgia-06’s unique jungle primary, the NRCC released a first time ever GOTV television ad geared towards Republicans with one goal in mind, keeping Jon Ossoff below 50% and forcing a runoff. This bold strategy was the first time any party committee had ever done paid media solely focused on getting Republicans out to vote.

The air cover provided to the Republican candidates allowed them to focus on their respective campaigns, hold Jon Ossoff accountable, and ensure voters from our party headed to the polls.



Before Dems dizzy themselves by claiming this was a moral victory, it’s important to look at the facts.

Democrats went all-in on Georgia’s 6th District and ended up with a loss.

Don’t believe their tired spin that “100 districts are in play” or “a new Democratic majority runs through the suburban districts.”

They don’t have a confidence problem; they have a competence problem.

Fawning press stories or bluster doesn’t win a single vote. There comes a time where a party must put up or shut up.

If the Democrats couldn’t win in Georgia with numerous inherent advantages, they should be seriously concerned about their prospects in 2018.