have you seen this interview?

July 5, 2017

Calling Randy Bryce’s interview on CNN a dumpster fire simply doesn’t do it justice.

Bryce gained national attention after launching his campaign last month, receiving wall-to-wall coverage from fawning national media outlets and bunting one softball question after another.

But when John Berman and Poppy Harlow asked him how he would fund his single-payer healthcare proposal today – the centerpiece of his campaign – Bryce shocked his interviewers by calling for a $32-trillion-dollar tax increase

John Berman: How do you propose paying for it?

Bryce: There’s a lot of people getting away without paying their fair share in taxes today.

John Berman: You want to raise thirty-two trillion dollars in taxes?

Bryce: I’m not saying we have to look at ways to increase complete costs … but there’s a lot of people not paying their fair share in taxes, there’s corporations getting away with a lot.

Poppy Harlow: That would be quite a tax hike. That’s an astonishing number, thirty-two trillion dollars over a decade.

Things got even worse when the conversation turned to North Korea. Bryce confessed he had no idea what was going on and failed to even cobble together a coherent sentence on how to address the nuclear threat posed by the rogue regime.

All style, no substance. Could Iron Stache be the Jon Ossoff of 2018?