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NRCC Releases New Ad In 8 States Targeting Democrats On Single-Payer Healthcare
NRCC | August 3, 2017

WASHINGTON –The National Republican Congressional Committee today released a new digital ad in 8 states titled, “Control.” The ad, part of a six figure digital buy, targets Democrats in California, New York, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, and Virginia and asks whether they’ll support Nancy Pelosi’s vision for a European-style single-payer healthcare plan.

“European-style single-payer healthcare is the new litmus test in the Democratic Party,” said NRCC Communications Director Matt Gorman.

“Every day from today until Election Day, Democrats will be forced to answer whether they support this disastrous plan which raises trillions in taxes, controls all your healthcare decisions, and could even end Medicare Part D and the VA.”

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