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Brindisi’s bad day
Chris Martin | September 13, 2017

Anthony Brindisi’s efforts to sell himself as a moderate are going up in flames.

According to POLITICO Magazine: “The Democratic Party now is, for all intents and purposes, the party of single-payer health insurance.”

It’s important to remember Brindisi voted in May to pass a single-payer bill in the New York State Assembly. Now the issue is at the forefront of the national debate with Bernie Sanders set to introduce similar legislation in the U.S. Senate today.

But Studies reveal that single-payer would cost taxpayers a staggering $32 trillion over the next ten years. Looking past the massive tax increases it would take to fund such a program, polling shows that most Americans aren’t thrilled at the idea of the federal government controlling every aspect of their healthcare decisions…

Does Anthony Brindisi plan to publicly stand with Bernie Sanders and national Democrats in support of the socialist pipe-dream known as single-payer healthcare?

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