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NRCC Calls on Ashford to Take a Position on Single-Payer Healthcare
Jack Pandol | September 13, 2017

As Bernie Sanders introduces his $32 trillion single-payer plan in Congress today, NE-2 Democrat Kara Eastman announced her support for the plan on Facebook.

Flip-flopping career politician Brad Ashford, however, has remained silent. Single-payer is becoming the defining issue of Democratic primaries around the country in 2018, and it is completely irresponsible for Ashford to avoid taking a position on this critical matter.

“As Democrats like Kara Eastman rush to embrace this socialist pipe dream, it should come as no surprise that Brad Ashford is refusing to take a position with his finger in the wind. Flip-flopping Ashford never seems to be a at a loss for words until you ask him a question he doesn’t like – but we need leaders who won’t shy away from the tough fights, not tuck-and-run career politicians like Brad.” -NRCC Spokesman Jack Pandol

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