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“it’s the voters who decide who wins”
Jack Pandol | October 10, 2017

After reports demonstrating Brad Ashford is refusing to take progressive primary opponent Kara Eastman seriously, one wonders what path, exactly, he expects to tread toward the nomination. It’s not clear even Brad knows, since in just the past few months he’s flip-flopped on gun control, on immigration, and on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Nonetheless, the Democratic establishment is swooping in to save Ashford’s flailing campaign, with speakers at a party function last night calling for Ashford’s nomination even though the primary is months away.

Kara Eastman says not so fast. Today on local television, Eastman said: “There does seem to be some favoritism among the establishment in this race… people are tired of that model… Really, it’s the voters who decide who wins, not the party.”

With Eastman savaging Ashford from the left on single-payer and immigration, will Brad flop under pressure and move left? One thing is clear – nobody is going to deliver the nomination to Ashford on a silver platter.

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