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Brad’s coronation at risk
Jack Pandol | October 16, 2017

The reviews are in for Nebraska Democrats’ third quarter fundraising, and they are… pretty rough.

Brad Ashford’s numbers are especially pathetic, given that Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, DCCC Chairman Lujan, and nearly the entire Washington establishment contributed to his campaign while attempting to freeze Kara Eastman out.

Either way, UNO professor and Democrat Paul Ludlow tells the Omaha World-Herald: “[Brad Ashford and Kara Eastman’s] fundraising is so anemic on both of their parts that it really doesn’t say much about anything other than they better get going, both of them,” adding that the duo’s numbers fall “woefully short.”

Meanwhile, Don Bacon posted another strong quarter and is focused on representing his district.

Will Brad Ashford’s low-energy campaign put his coronation by the Democratic establishment at risk? Time will tell.

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