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Crow in danger of losing his coronation?
Jack Pandol | October 16, 2017

Even with the financial support of the entire Democratic establishment – including donations by Steny Hoyer and DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Lujan – Jason Crow posted a disappointing fundraising quarter this weekend. That’s following last quarter, when Crow mustered less than $10,000 from within the district he’s running to represent.

Progressive Berniecrat Levi Tillemann is nipping at Crow’s heels, coming within striking distance of the carpetbagging Crow’s fundraising total even while the DCCC and Nancy Pelosi try to freeze Tillemann out.

While Crow and Tillemann squabble over an increasingly small piece of the pie in what looks to be a contentious and divisive Democratic primary, Mike Coffman posted another strong quarter and is focused on representing his district.

Will Jason Crow’s inability to excite literally anybody in Colorado’s Sixth District put his coronation by the Democratic establishment at risk? We’ll be watching…

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