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Nancy & House Dems haven’t learned their lesson
Jack Pandol | October 23, 2017

Fresh off a brutal 2016 primary where the establishment wing of the Democratic Party put its thumb on the scale for Hillary Clinton, House Democrats still haven’t learned their lesson.

McClatchy: House Dem leaders keep picking favorites in open primaries

Most telling is this quote from Corbin Trent, a progressive operative: “This sort of move by the Democratic leadership will just further entrench these kind of [progressive] primary opponents. It’s going to continue to grow the opposition to their leadership.

Candidates like Ann Kirkpatrick, Jason Crow, Paul Davis, Brad Ashford, and Susie Lee have accepted thousands from House Democratic leaders wanting to freeze out progressive primary challengers.

The irony is, even IF these candidates make it through their primaries, they’re going to need a lot more than just Nancy’s money to distance themselves from her toxic liberal brand.

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