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Brindisi is a socialist
NRCC | December 1, 2017

Today Anthony Brindisi abandoned his efforts to sell himself as a moderate by calling on Congresswoman Tenney to force private companies to spend their resources how he wants.

Brindisi proposed a “mandate” that would require corporations to use the savings from the Republican tax reform bill to “raise employee wages at the same rate they increase executive pay & shareholder dividends.”

Brindisi’s mandate would prevent 57,000+ new jobs from being created in New York…

And this isn’t the first time Brindisi has pushed his socialist agenda. In May, he voted in the State Assembly to impose Bernie Sanders’ European-style single-payer health care system at the state level. New York already holds the record for the highest tax burden in the nation, and Brindisi’s vote would cost a staggering $90 billion.

Glad to see Brindisi finally dropped the act.

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