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Why is Nancy Pelosi waging a war on the middle class?
NRCC | December 5, 2017

At least that’s the way it would appear based on her comments about the recently-passed Senate tax reform bill.

Approached for comment on the sweeping legislation — worth roughly $1.4 trillion – Pelosi declared the legislation “the end of the world.”

She added, “This is Armageddon.”

The comments mirrored similar ones she made on social media earlier in the day. “The #GOPTaxScam is one of the worst bills to be brought to the floor in the history of the United States,” she tweeted. “We will fight with everything we have to stop this bill from becoming the law of the land.

You read that right, Nancy Pelosi intends to use everything in her power to fight against tax relief for Americans.

Make no mistake, Nancy—a fight against this historic tax reform bill is a fight against the middle class.

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