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Lamb roast
NRCC | December 8, 2017

Conor Lamb is already taking heat from local press for avoiding basic questions about his candidacy.

Via City & State PA:

Publicly, Lamb seems to be trying to split the difference. After being selected by the county committees that make up the 18th District to run in the March 13 special election, Lamb told Dave Weigel, “I come from a Catholic background, (but) choice is the law of the land.” But when asked for specifics, like if he supports public funding for abortion, he’s ducked questions from the Post-Gazette and WESA.

When City & State PA asked Lamb again about his positions on public funding for abortion – and other issues, like gun control – his campaign again offered only a brief canned statement.

As Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked candidate, Conor Lamb thinks he can co-opt her liberal playbook and avoid revealing his positions on key issues in the district…

Bold strategy, Conor.

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