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Bonuses for Christmas? Democrats hate it
Jack Pandol | December 22, 2017

As a direct result of Don Bacon’s support for tax reform, this morning two Nebraska companies – Nelnet and Pinnacle Bank – are announcing $1,000 bonuses for their employees in Nebraska.

Here’s what Nebraska Democrats think about that:

  • Brad Ashford: “Of course this bill was designed to help large corporations and the Washington lobbyists, not hard working Americans.”
  • Kara Eastman: “…we know it will benefit the wealthy at the expense of average voters and working class families.”
  • Jane Kleeb: “The bill of goods the Republicans are selling the country is that somehow large corporations are going to take this windfall of money and ‘invest’ those funds into workers is reason enough never to vote for a Republican again.”

“It is shameful that Democrats are lying to Nebraskans about the benefits of the recently-passed tax reform bill. We dare these cowardly Democrats to look these middle class families in the eye and repeat these claims after thousands are taking home bonuses for Christmas.” -NRCC Spokesman Jack Pandol

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