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abandoning all pretense
Jack Pandol | January 12, 2018

If you didn’t already think DC establishment Democrats are in the tank for Ann Kirkpatrick, just take a look at the DCCC’s statement name-dropping her after Martha McSally’s Senate announcement today.

Wonder how Matt Heinz, Mary Matiella, Bruce Wheeler, and Billy Kovacs feel about that?

The reality is Democrats are staring down a daunting five-way barnburner of a primary that’s about to get very nasty. Ann has many serious liabilities Democrats will certainly seize on – not least that she is a carpetbagger, tied closely to Nancy Pelosi and the Washington establishment, and a proven loser who lost the Second District by over 3 points in her failed Senate run last year.

Get ready – this Democratic primary is a ticking time bomb ready to blow.

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