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emailgate part 2
NRCC | January 12, 2018

Yesterday we pondered what would come next in the widening “emailgate” scandal that’s engulfing Anthony Brindisi’s campaign. Who would have thought that Brindisi himself would make the situation worse…

Here’s how Brindisi responded to the Utica Observer-Dispatch’s story:

“The bottom line is, I think when you look at all the emails in totality, you’ll say, ‘This is how government should work. You have elected officials communicating with each other about securing money for this area, about building a new hospital, making sure the information is put out to the public,” Brindisi said.

It’s laughable for Brindisi to play up the importance of keeping the public informed after he was quoted as saying “I don’t want public opinion derailing this.”

And according to Brindisi, government officials should collude behind the scenes to avoid public input on a project that millions of taxpayer dollars have been funneled into.

We should be surprised, but what else can you expect from a corrupt Albany politician?

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