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punished by crumbs
NRCC | January 26, 2018

Angie Craig’s idea of a punishment is having extra cash to spend. Her kids must love that.

Angie Craig: “..the Republican tax scam will cost Minnesotans an extra $850 million in taxes next year and $1.5 billion for the next two years, or break the state budget. Working families in Minnesota shouldn’t be punished for GOP tax cuts for the rich.”

Local business in the district she’s running in: We’re giving all of our employees $1,000 bonuses!

Nancy Pelosi/Angie Craig probably: Crumbs!

Data Sales Co., based in Burnsville, MN, announced yesterday they are giving $1,000 bonuses to all of their employees thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that Jason Lewis helped pass. Their CEO thanked Lewis for “his consistent advocacy of tax reform and seeing it through to becoming law.”

This is just one of several hundred companies across the country who have announced raises and bonuses for employees due to tax reform, including U.S Bancorp and TCF Financial, both based in Minnesota.

If anyone else was wondering what Angie Craig’s campaign platform is, I’ll quickly sum it up for you: pro-government shutdown, anti-middle class workers having $ in their pockets. That’s all.

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