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You do you, Nancy
NRCC | February 8, 2018

In case you missed Nancy Pelosi’s eight-hour rant on Tuesday, here’s a quick summary:

The division within the Democratic Party was on full display on Tuesday when Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) took the Senate floor to praise a two-year budget deal while, at the same time, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was on the House floor decrying the same agreement.

America has suffered months years decades of Nancy Pelosi’s toxic rhetoric and divisiveness. Now voters, along with members of Nancy’s own party, have had enough.

“The reality,” a moderate Democratic aide observed “is that the filibuster is only being done to cater to the left-wing of the party at the expense of the larger caucus, and it’s in the interest of one person: Leader Pelosi.” … As one House Democrat told Politico, the impetus for a fissure [within the Democratic Party] runs deeper than loyalties: “Most of us are ready for a real change and new leadership…The issue is not even about personalities. It’s about the future versus the past.”

Combine this Democratic zeitgeist with Nancy Pelosi’s abysmal approval ratings and image as an out-of-touch multi-millionaire elitist, and you have the recipe for Democratic demise this November.

Pelosi’s approval numbers are, perhaps not surprisingly, quite low. Less than 29% of people have a favorable view of Pelosi, according to HuffPost’s Pollster.

Really, Nancy. Just keep doing your thing. We have no problem with voters turning to the Republican party as a result.

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