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why are utility bills so low these days
NRCC | February 13, 2018

Well this is a nightmare of a headline for Abby Finkenauer: “Iowa utilities to save millions from tax reform.”

KWWL: “On January 1, 2018, the Tax Cuts and Job Acts law, signed by President Trump, went into effect. In it, a corporate tax cut from 35% down to 21%, which will mean a savings up to $147 million in utility bills.

“It’s money saved that utility companies plan to put back into the pockets of Iowans.”

How exciting! A typical campaign would capitalize on this by sending out a press release signaling the candidate’s support for lower utility bills in the district. Not Abby though.

Why? Because she’s spent the last 3 months freaking out on Twitter about how tax cuts for working Americans will bring about Biblically-foretold end times. But it’s not completely Abby’s fault that she can’t rejoice with middle-class Iowans over more $ in their pockets – she gets her talking points from Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC – who have already written off her primary opponents.

A sampling of what Abby Finkenauer has to say about tax cuts and lower utility bills for hardworking Iowans

Out of touch much? Someone may want to ask Abby to explain how millions saved in bills amounts to crumbs.

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