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Nancy or no?
NRCC | March 1, 2018

In the latest chapter of Ann Kirkpatrick’s bumbling campaign, Ann’s taking heat for flip-flopping on whether she would support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker again.

That’s the same Nancy Pelosi who’s given Ann tens of thousands of dollars over her many runs for office, you mean? The same Pelosi Ann couldn’t be bothered to be seen with during Nancy’s recent swing through Arizona?

At the recent CD2 candidates’ forum, Ann took her hand down when the question of whether she’d support Pelosi came up. Her staff later had to clarify she was wrong – that she would still stand by Pelosi.

Looks like Ann is feeling the heat over Nancy’s toxic popularity numbers. That’s too bad – she’s going to be seeing a lot more of Nancy’s face alongside her own over the coming months.

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